Project Cash Diffusion

"You have money to share, We have people to care"

Cash diffusion is our new project under which we'll help you to dispense your money to the needy people through us and in turn save all your legwork. Due to Indian Government's recent step to curb all the black money by dispensing INR 500 and INR 1000 notes, many people who haven't filed income tax are worried and are trying their best to find an avenue to get exempted from Income Tax department. 


Indian government's new regulation which you should keep in mind

 You need
 Old notes - for new
 10 Nov - 24 Nov
 25 Nov - 30 Dec 
 INR 4000
 More than 4000
 Bank & Post Office
 Aadhar card/Voter ID/Ration  card/Passport/PAN
 Old notes
 10 Nov - 30 Dec
 2,50,000 (without IT  dept's intervention)
 Bank & Post Office
 Bank account/Post office  savings account
 Old notes
 31 Dec - 31 Mar
 2,50,000 (without IT  dept's intervention)
 RBI Specified office
 ID proof, PAN & Deceleration  Form
 New notes
 10 Nov onwards
 INR 10,000/day
 INR 50,000/week
 Bank Counter/Post Office
 Withdrawal Slip/Cheque
 New notes
 10 Nov - 18 Nov
 19 Nov onwards
 INR 2,000/day
 INR 4,000/day
 ATM Card
Yes, it is true.
Now you must be wondering that you are left with no choice other than burning the money or throwing them into the dustbin or dumping them in the graveyard or funeral pyre. 
But, Hey Wait...... We have a solution for you. 
WIHRET suggests you not to waste all your hard-earned treasure. With us by your side now, you can leave all your troubles behind. Our mission is to help rural people all around the country which can be made possible by your efforts. And in turn you'll receive all the credit back through thousands of people whose lives you'll be transforming. 
As of now we have served in 24  GPs ( Gram Panchayat), More than 50,000 people. We will pick up your money from you in the form of cash and donate to all the BPL category people in our district. They will separately deposit the money (INR 500 and INR 1000 given by you ) to their respective bank and in return they may give you some gift which will be delivered to the same place by WIHRET within next 7 days of receiving the money. 
You just need to place a pickup request, which will redirect you to our application form. You need to fill in your details like your identity*, pickup date, amount (number of INR 500 & INR 1000 denominations) in that application form.
After our pickup, you can keep track of your payment by logging in to our portal as well as you can watch a live stream on youtube while the money is being distributed to the people. 
*your identity will remain private and will only be disclosed upon your request